The Ukraine Cup 2020 will take a place in Kyiv on February 1-2 under WDSF support. This year Senior competitions hold over two days.


Couples come to the floor at 19:30, in the evening part, on February 1.

The winners of The Ukraine Cup 2019 are Andriy Kokodynyak and Oksana Khomiak from Lviv, dance club ‘Edelveis’.

Maxim Omelchenko and Iryna Shevchuk from Kyiv finished on the second position (dance club ‘Favor’).

The bronze medals awarded Borys Kolomzarov and Nataliya Gorbacheva, represented Odessa (dance club ‘Marych’).

In total, we had 8 couples from 7 clubs, represented 4 Ukrainian cities took part in the Ukraine Cup 2019 in the European program.


Competitions are going to be started at 16:30, February 2.

The winners of The Ukraine Cup 2019 are Dmitry Dramshev and Ekaterina Dramsheva (dance club ‘Style’, Zaporizhzhia).

The runners up, Sergey Kozin and Valentina Kushnirenko (‘Dance Avenu’, Kyiv) awarded silver medals.

The third place went to Anatoly Reshetnik and Alena Lumpova (‘Style’, Zaporizhzhia).
In total, we had 4 couples represented 3 dance clubs from 3 Ukrainian cities who took part in the Ukraine Cup 2019.

Ukraine Cup 2020 will host at the ‘Meridian Sports Palace’ at the address: 11a, Heroiv Sevastopolia st, Kyiv.

Link to the competition entry form here, online registration here.